Friday 31 August 2012

one of my first poems i wrote once upon a time=)


As I was sitting at the window pane
Listening and enjoying the chants of the birds chirping
I saw the wonders of God's creation
The big bright sun
The green trees
The wide open sea
And the grey hazy sky

It made me think
How great and creative God is
God makes the air for us to breathe
God creates the sun for light and heat
God gives us the sea for the cooling breeze
And the trees to give us shade

God has given us those wonders
But why must we destroy them?
The horrendous forest devastation
The polluted air
The oily sea of toxic waste
Killing animlas here and there
The smell of death fills the air

Why are we not grateful
for what have been bestowed to us?
Aren't we ashamed to God for destroying the world?
Think and ask yourself
When is this tragedy going to end?
How will it end?
Another tsunami, earthquake or nuclear armegeddon?

'Aliatul Huda

makan2...makan aje keje...


ok2...y am i talking bout makan? ok2..makan is food for those that don't understand..
i'm not suppose to be blogging atm. but, suddenly i feel like it. so i just put a pause on my assignment and start blogging...(that is so wrong right?) ape2 yg penting skrg nak cerita pasal makan...
sedar tak sedar berat dah bertambah berKILO-KILO!! akibat lah kuat makan sgt...mcm hape je...cuba control skit makan tu...Rasulullah dah ajar dah makan tu dalam bersederhana je...tu lah...tak ingt2 ke???..tak yah lah nak bg menang sgt nafsu tu kan..kene kasi fighting2 skit...its not the hard actually..I CAN DO IT!

fuuuhhhh...keep on being positive alia...that's who r are normally...=) (that's what mama said)..

xpelah...i'm on a healthy diet ni..disamping nak kurskan badan also nak control my food intake..xboleh nak manje2kan badan sgt..kne strict sikit..haish..control2...kene jugak ingt org2 yg susah xde makanan tu...kita ni rezeki berlebih,..kne bersyukur and jgn membazir! i repeat, JANGAN MEMBAZIR!!warning ni tau....
dah2...skrg ni nak kene kumpul mood siapkan assignment nih...lau x, xyah berangan nak g mane2 sok..hahaha...

psst: hur ajak g Freo silalah siapkan assignment semaximumnye ye..lau x esok berkurung lam bilik je ye alia syg..=P

Wednesday 29 August 2012

Wordless Wednesday?

Road To Northam

Assalamualaikum... Haish!...assignment bnyak tp ikut g jln2 ni.haiya..xpelah..balik nnt study ye..

Tuesday 28 August 2012

Kosong Ke?

Segala kata cacian... Yg telah engkau berikan.... Membuatku rasa kosong...kosong...
Assalamualaikum guys... Hahaha...tetiba plak menyanyi lagu kosong..motif? Ntahlah...lately ni ramai pulak yg pakat2 g post gmbr tunang lah kawen lah..membuatkan aku pon rasa nak kawen calon nya ngak ada! Waduh2..gimana ini..tulah..tetiba td termenung lah pulak..terasa kekosongan sekejap..kejap je eh.xlama..saje je amek feeling2..but in the end.i told never kosong or alone..sebab i will always have the Greatest love from Allah...alhamdulillah..bersyukurnya born a muslim..i can't imagine myself being in other religion.not believing in Allah..syukur satu tugas yg sgt berat i have to do.that is to spread teach and make all the non muslim to understand what islam is all about. To convey even if one teach them..insyaAllah..thats how i show my love to my religion...ISLAM is a way of life..

langit tak selalunya cerah

assalamualaikum peeps..

today's entry is the second part of the one's before. Alhamdulillah that i got HD for my business law. but, yep. langit tak selalunya cerah right..the world is round, sometimes u r up, and at times u r down..
i just got my Communication in business assignment was not bad, but i'm a bit frustrated with the marks after all the hardwork..i only got like 66%..but alhamdulillah i got CREDIT..all i want is to pass this subject..dear Allah, please help me pass the subject with the best result that i can get. it's only to U i pray and seek for help.

the 2nd sad part of the story is my taxation quiz result..dang! i only got 53%...blurgh!.it's BAD people!!!
taxation is my fav. how can i accept the fact that i only PASS this quiz.
well, all is done..i can't turn back time.but anyways, i'm thankful that i still passed this quiz..i'm lucky i didnt fail it. anyway, Australian Taxation is not easy! i love Malaysian Taxatian a zillion times more ok! got that? a ZILLION times more!!

ok than.. enuf of ze boring stuff. lets get to the fun part of the life! (izit fun?)..buat homework fun ke? tolong lah..huhhuu..stressful... jangan lah demam lagi ye cik alia syg...minta2 sehat walafiat aje wat assignment yg menimbun2 setinggi everest tu ye...hahahaa...dah2, banyak sgt dah membebel time i'll update more...

notakaki: tiba2 dapat more inspiration and semangat sebab my pupu syg is my follower yg setia..mish u baby..nnt i'll update more often just for u =)

Tuesday 21 August 2012

happy day


setelah sekian lama x update, harini bru terasa nak update becoz i have a good news..
last few weeks was a very hectic one for me. i just started studying in Perth, Australia. being million miles away from family feels so different. yeah, i know i've been away from my family for 8 years already. but truthfully, the feeling is totally different. but anyways, i have to make it through no matter what.

alhamdulillah Allah has given me this great opportunity to study overseas.
its really tough u know. studying here makes me like being one of Malaysian Ambassador..i have to show good attitude. also being a muslimah here, i really have to show a muslimah attitude or people will see muslims are very bad and in the end the will come to a conclusion that all muslims are bad and terrorist..

well, anyways, the reason y i'm writing today is that, i just wanna tell u guys how HAPPY i am!!!

i just got my assignment 1 business law result! and i got 17.5/20 which is 88% = HIGH DISTINCTION

Alhamdulillah ya Allah..YES..ALLAH IS THE GREATEST!

after all the hardwork, i am definitely more confident about myself now...syukur...