Tuesday 13 August 2013

Syawal 1434 in Perth with full of dramas


Alhamdulillah we are already in the month of Syawal after fasting for a month in Ramadhan. To celebrate Eid here in Perth was full of dramas. I don't know why the muslims here can't unite to agree on the Eid day. Majority celebrates it on Thursday, some celebrates it on Friday. Depends on their mosque. Funny right. Oh well. this is definitely something that I can't experience in Malaysia except from celebrating Eid without my family.

well, I don't really feel like celebrating Eid this year. I don't know why. Probably because I celebrate my Eid in class. Haha. IKR. when people in Malaysia were busy visiting relatives, uploading photos (food especially) on IG and Facebook and twittting about this and that, I was sitting in my lecture listening to my lecturer talk and explain TAX 335. oh well, it was really quite an experience.

that night, I was invited by Yuni to come over for dinner. oh Alhamdulillah, after dinner we really had an awesome and fruitful conversation that i'll never forget in a million years. than for the scrumptious lontong Yuni. You are an awesome cook!

On Friday was my proper Eid, early in the morning Mas fetch me to her house. Cik Siti cooks a lot of food. I love her sambal goreng the most and her kek sarang semut. oh my gosh..its just too good to resist. They best part was I get to play and cuddle lots of babies..hehehe.. you know I love babies right.

So on Saturday, Alice, Bek and I had a little shopping. we went to spotlight, cannington fresh market and carousel. I really love spotlight. I bought 3 colours of felt to make a pillow maybe. Then atok and nek busu fetch me at 2 ish. At atok's house I get to eat nenek's asam pedas ikan pari, ketam taucu and sayur campur. All of them are so good I ate them twice. lol. that night I stayed overnight at atok's place.

that's pretty much how my Eid was in Perth.

p/s: nek busu calls me princess.lol. only nenek and papa calls me this =)