Sunday 31 March 2013

Duniaku bersama Herbalife...

hello2...selamat pagi semua..assalamualaikum...zao shang hao..bonjour..good morning..

hahaha.kan habes sume bahasa aku guna..apa khabar sume? ni hao ma?
lia sehat2 aje..lagi2 skrg tgh easter break for a week...lagi lah bertambah "sehat"! eh ye ke????
hahaha...kita tunggu dan lihat

alhamdulillah, smpai ke hari ini lia dah 2 weeks and 4 days jd consumer Herbalife and dah 11 days jd distributor for Herbalife..
so far sume nye ok..everything is very2 interesting.. feeling awesome everyday..
been busy tho with workouts, fit club, stair clubs, classes, assignments.. but my life gets better and better everyday.. Alhamdulillah..all praises to Allah

well, baru2 ni lah. lia pergi join Success Training Seminar (SMS) di Parmelia Hilton Hotel at the city. the training starts a t arund 10 ish and ends around 4 ish. nak kata pen at, xlah penat pon sbb dah minum herbalife kan? ecececeh.. tp mmg serious xpenat! alhamdulillah..dgn izin Allah jugak kan...
kat STS tu, I heard a LOT of AMAZING stories/ testimonials etc. they are all awesome ppl and not only that, I get to share my story too!! TQ Herbalife! mmg can boost up my confidence level lah pass ni. insyaAllah.

malamnya pulak...jengjengjeng..

lia g Masquerade Party.. aiseh..paiseh sgt oh...1st time g party kot..g party obersi plak tu..bkan kat Msia..aku pon always cling ngan aunty hamidah, yuni, stef and moon sbb aku tau duk ngn dyorg ppl, don't judge me yet eh.. herbalife party ni is a "safe zone" party lah i can say. they serve wine etc ( the alcohol stuff) but i didnt drink. i am very conscious of the food and drinks they serve me. not only that, they serve vegetarian food alhmadulillah, they cater for the muslims as well. yeah, kenape eh aku ckp this is a "safe zone" party?? sbb nya herbalifers ni minum pun not to the extend smpai drunk and start doing nonsense. not only that, they also know the bad effects of alcohol, so they control themselves. baguskan gtu..cravings bros, ingt senang ke nak

party tu mmg best lah, i dress very muslimah party like a lot of amazing ppl..mmg super fun lah..suka sgt...
nnt aku share pics ye..sabor2..kalau nak lagi cepat tgk gambor2, follow lah my IG/FB/twitter aliatulhuda..cari eh..mane ade dok cite pasal Herbalife tu, aku lah
malam itu berakhir dgn selamatnya..blek around 10 ish and i came back in one is the workout
the very next morning, aku bgun subuh and pas subuh terus nak g mane tu???
hahaha..g Jacobs Ladder ah uolls...mane lagi i nak prgi..itu my 2nd home dah tu..tiap minggu aku g sana..g sana beramai2..baru lah seronok ye tak..ngan chris, yuni, moon, aunty hamidah, nadia, donnie, alice and me!ni lah dia nama AWESOME people..lalala... that day i did 5 sets kot tak silap..hahaha..mmg besh lah..

ok lah korg sume...xmo berleter lagi..kalau nak tahu cite lagi panjang..stay tuned orait.. sebar2kan lah cite yg aku dah ber herbalife ni yer..=) lets make everyone healthy and change their life! that's our priority! ok lovely people..please continue reading my blog..leave your comments too ok..its because of YOU i continue writing =) have a great day..tata

p/s: Chris belanje me the mask i wore during the Masquerade Party.. thank you so much chris!

Wednesday 20 March 2013

Spectacular result!

Assalamualaikum and morning peeps..

i hope you get a good night rest last night..
well, i don't. went to bed at 11.30pm and woke u in the middle of the night around 1.30am then, continued sleeping till 5.30am =)
but at least i'm thankful that Allah still allows me to sleep and rest.

yesterday morning, Christ, Donnie, Christine, Jac, Cindy and I went to Jacob's Ladder to do some stair climbing. but unfortunately, Christ has to leave early because he has a class to relief. anyway, i broke my previous record! (previous record) i did 7 sets of Jacob's Ladder yesterday! yey for me! no wobbly legs anymore. alhamdulillah..i'm thankful. Christine my housemate, came for her first time and she did 6 sets. awesome right?? and Jac did 9 sets, Donnie did 13 sets and i'm not sure about Cindy. well, we are going there again tomorrow. *thumbs up!

last night Christ and Donnie came over to my house to measure my body and check on my progress. mind you that, Alice was the one who did all the measurement. Donnie and Christ only showed the demonstration. thank you for the respect guys. both of you are awesome. after they did all the measurements and they check on my progress to compare from the previous result, both Christ and Donnie were smiling to their ears. =) that shows a good sign isn't that so? lol
so, Christ told Donnie to tell me my awesome result.

Basically, i lose 1.3kg of body weight, drop 2.1% of body fat, gain 1.4% of hydration, gain 200g of lean muscle and my metabolic age drop from 17 to 13 years old! all of this happen in just 6 days of consuming herbalife, drinking at least 2.5liters of water and leading a healthy lifestyle. syukran ya Allah. tq herbalife. i'm feeling awesome every single day. check it out!

before leaving my house, both of them were offered a lot of food. the super delicious popcorn, mantou (chinese steam bread) and caramel pie. sorry guys, it's just our house tradition, whenever we have food, no guest leaves without a taste of our food. it's homemade really. lol. well, they left soon after being stuffed with all those food. we hope u guys enjoyed it. do come back for more.

ok guys, that's pretty much a summary of yesterday's awesome moment. will share more soon. =)

Friday 15 March 2013

Workout session

Assalamualaikum everybody,

Alhamdulillah we are still alive and thankful to Allah for the wonderful life we had. I know i've not been writing for ages. Apologies everyone. (macamlah ade org bacakan?? lol) Anyway, uni has started and i've been busy with school and AMS club so yeah.

The main reason why i'm writing u this entry is because I wanna share with all of you my personal experience of my workout session yesterday at the Jacob's Ladder, Kings Park. Before I take you to the fun and hilarious story, I want to tell you that Jacob's Ladder consist of 242 steps and it is located at Kings Park, Perth, WA. That's pretty much it for the introduction.

Let's move on. Well, honestly i've been gaining weight since I stopped being a dancer, commanding and marching at UiTM Kelantan (god I miss those days). This really made me more health conscious. Even so, I've been health conscious for quite sometime actually. My ideal weight should be 51kg but i'm gaining weight nearly to 60kg!!! How crazy is that!

So, I told Donnie bout this since last semester and he always invite me to his fit club activities even when we are in KL. But unfortunately, the timing wasn't that good and I have been sick on and off so I didn't get to attend to any of the activities. But, Allah knows my good intention and I get to go on my very first workout session last Monday 11th March 2013 at George Burnett Park. Met a bunch of AWESOME people, played Captain's Ball (its almost like netball but instead of using a ball we used a soft rugby ball and hula hoops as our goal) and had HEAPS of fun and laughter. the group was AWESOME I tell ya.

Feeling so great after that session, I made myself go to the 2nd workout at Jacob's Ladder (ahhh....finally we're talking bout this. lol) which was yesterday 14th March 2013. Woke up at 5am. Yeah 5am for a workout session! lol. Got ready, Christ fetch Alice, Donnie and me, he drove us to Jacob's Ladder and we started our session at about 6 ish. I didn't check the time lol coz I was to mesmerised by the view at Jacob's Ladder. First thing we did was to go down the stairs, then some warm up. Did i mention it was freezing cold that morning? that's coz it was drizzling only at the start of our session then it stopped and on our way home it started to rain again lol. see, I told ya Allah knows our good intention. Ok, so I did 2 sets at first then I felt dizzy and feel like vomiting. Luckily I didn't. But my dear friend Alice did vomit a bit. Later we rest for a bit, then we continued another 1 1/2 sets. so basically we did 3 1/2 sets yeah. to amaze u guys, my friend Donnie he did 18 sets!!! It's crazy! I know right! but, he is just so extraordinary special that's why he is able to do that much. very strong will and determination. Good job Donnie. The next time you do it, try 20 know he can).

well, that is a bit of my story, i'm looking forward to do more lol. and i'm also looking forward to share more of my workout experience with u guys.

p/s: woke up this morning feeling extremely awesome and no body pain! i'm so happy with the result!

see ya soon..
lots of love =)