Tuesday 14 January 2014


Hi guys,

I know I haven't been updating for ages. It is simply because I have LOTS of things to do. Now I have started my internship at DRB Hicom, so driving to Shah Alam from Ampang was a living hell. I had to leave the house around 6.30am and I'll arrive there at 7.20am. Nah, I don't feel like nagging bout work atm. will tell that later.



ShaKiera said...

hello hi,

i saw your blog while im searching for intern places.

so, you do your intern in DRb hicom right?
can you do me a favor? hehe
do Drb Hicom provide allowances for intern student?

Unknown said...

HI Shakiera =),

Yes they do give some allowance for intern students =)

Anonymous said...

How much for the allowance?

Mimi Yasmin said...

Hw much the allowance?