Monday 28 April 2014


I'd rather let myself hurt than others hurt...
That's the one thing that i've been doing ever since...
Tears rolling down my cheeks are something normal...
Especially when i have to make sacrifices for others...

What is love?
For me it means pain and hardship before all the beautiful things to fall in place..
Yes i've been hurt... For a gazillion times..
But i'm still searching.. For the one that can give me what i would call true love..

As for now, i have to wake up and realise, the only true love i could get is from HIM. Allah the Almighty.
Regardless of the countless time that i forgot about Him.. That i've put other things before Him.
He is still there waiting for me..
Reaching out to me..

Oh Allah..thank you for never giving up on me eventhough i've gone astray many times..
Thank you for being there for me when i needed someone to hear me out..
When i needed a shoulder to cry on..
When i needed someone to lend his ears..
When i needed a hand to hold me..

Guide me.. Guide me and don't leave me astray..
I'll always need your love forever..more than anything.. Cause that's what important for me right now..
Oh Allah..please give me strength to overcome this hurdle.. To pass this hurricane and typhoon.. To pass this hardship and pain..


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hii alia